How To Create The Ultimate Minimalist Kitchen

How To Create The Ultimate Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is so hot right now. I love how many products and services you can buy about it.


Kitchens have long been the place where clutter gathers in a house. Mostly becuase no one ever wants to do any kind of cleaning after they’ve cooked. Which is fair enough, because when you’ve cooked, there’s food to eat. 


This has lead to the rise of so-called needing a minimalist kitchen. 


You can probably find minimalist floor plan designs online. As well as little german death machines that apparently cook, wash, dry and generally eat you alive, all in one handy gadget.


Which has made me wonder… 


Do we even NEED kitchens? Surely the ultimate minimalist kitchen is in fact no kitchen? Aliens can beam food directly into our stomachs, eliminating the need for cooking space and equipment. In fact, aliens can beam the food right through us, which saves on the other type of eliminating food. 


How To Create The Ultimate Minimalist Kitchen

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