About Sarcastic Advice

Sarcastic advice was started the way all great blogs are, on a whim. You can read our origin story here. And my our I mean mine, cos it’s just one person.


Oh, that person is Vanessa. Also you might know me from my blog NormalNess (remember, we’re all normal to ourselves). 


This blog exists purely to give sarcastic advice. Just in case you couldn’t fucking grasp that from the URL. Granted some posts might be more bad advice than explicitly sarcastic advice but whatever, it’s my site, I can make up what I put on it.


It is sweary. If you don’t like sweary, go find a non sweary blog. It’s pretty easy. But I’m not doing it for you. Becuase I’m lazy, I don’t want to and I don’t have to. 


If you want me to give sarcastic advice on any topic, email me the details at sarcasticadviceblog@gmail.com or fill in this form. Identifying details are optional to include.


You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, I am lazy, so currently I pretty much only update the Facebook page. Or ask me questions using #SarcasticAdviceBlog if I remember to use the hashtag or check the social media accounts. I probably won’t.


I have no kids, don’t want kids and have never been around kids, so parenting questions are especially enjoyable for me to tackle, because I know how much parents love advice from non parents.


I want to start a Pateron account for this blog, so you can help me pay for hosting costs and my time, and also if you pay me a lot I’ll guarantee to answer your question. But also I’ve been too lazy to set that up yet. So yeah. I’m not sure what the point of that was. Pay me at some time in the future because you love me? Sure, that’ll do as a point.